Rape Straw

Yes, exactly what the title says. Thanks to scientists for inventing this straw/stirrer that detects the rape date drug. Simply pop the straw into the drink if you suspect it of being spiked. It’ll light up if it detects the your drink has been poisoned.

I had other stuff to write about, but I just talked to my sister and I forgot what I was going to write about.

Hey, Mexico and the USA tied. That was totally a red card. It was a great game. It’s going to be a great rivalry for years to come.

oh! I was telling my mother I needed to drive back home so I can have time to think about things. She said like what, and that 3 hours on a plane ride was enough time to think.  I told her it wasn’t. I need to think about school, girls, politics, and football. In that order.

She goes. Hold on.

Quote of the Day (translated from Spanish)

Mom: She’s not trying to get you to marry. Is she? Don’t fall for any tricks. I can tell you that one of your aunts tried to trick your uncle. She said she was thinking about becoming a nun and joining to a convent. It worked.


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