Perpetually Behind

I’ve had studying on my mind for two whole days now and I’ve only read 16 pages out of…around 400ish. Why am I in this situation? My textbooks came in late. Specifically, my Monday books came on Tuesday. My Tuesday book came on Wednesday. My Wednesday book came on Thursday.

Come to think of it I should have read the books as they came. Sure I would have been behind for each class last week, but I’d have half the work for this weekend.

This is typical. I’m a late starter. I’ll catch up eventually and next module will start on the right track.

For now, I’m behind and it makes sense.

See, I like making lists. So I made a list of school stuff to read and other miscellaneous stuff I need to do, like dust or put up a painting. Now, those were the ideal lists to complete. I made a side list. It consisted of: Watch Movie, Lunch, Nap, Pick up Melanie, and Get some dinner. That’s the list I completed.


Free birthday beer tomorrow. 🙂



Today, I received a wonderful surreal surprise. I’ve mentioned Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide a few times on this blog. Well the beautiful Lindsey Shaw, Moze, sent me this tweet. I wasn’t sure how to best put the tweet on my blog but here it is!

Lindsey Shaw

@itslindseyshaw Lindsey Shaw
hello my tweeters, I’d like to announce someone a very happy birthday! #happybirthdayshoutie goes to @luishdz38! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY xo:)
What else is there to say? I’m elated. I’m going to find a way to frame this tweet. Thank you

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