Microwave Me

10 Chapters. Those are how many I have to read for class on Monday. I read two today, so that’s good. I’m sure there are problems to be worked or questions to answer as well. Tomorrow is going to be a long Sunday. I have a bunch to read for Tuesday and Wednesday too. Man, I can’t wait until Wednesday night.


Mom’s gone to Mexico. We’re too lazy to cook so we bought microwaveable meals. Those things have soooo few calories. Before I went for a jog yesterday I had a microwave meal, and it only have 250 calories. I was so hungry after the jog! It wasn’t even a long jog. Strange how fast food has lots of calories and frozen food has so few.


My youngest sister there a towel at me while I was driving today. It was while I was driving on the highway. How dangerous was that? I could have killed us! So I yelled at her. She didn’t cry or freak out or anything. I would have hit her but she was out of my range. Stupid spacious Altima.


*yawn* Today was a good day. I spent time with my sisters. We talked. We watched Yugioh in the morning. They were actually interested in the old Yugioh episodes. They were interested enough to want to watch the end of the 2 part episode after dinner.

Quote of the Day

Youngest Sister: No I can’t do that.

Younger Sister: Yea, we actually have a conscience.

Me: Hey, I have a conscience. It’s a very small part of me and it gets drowned out by the other voices.


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