Studying Sunday

Yep. I did it. I spent most of the day studying. I got through 5 chapters this weekend. Unfortunately, that’s only for one of my Monday classes. I’m still terribly behind in the Monday night class, but I will save that one for later this week. Hopefully I can catch use Tuesday to catch up for the Tuesday class and Wednesday to catch up for the Wednesday class.


The longer I’ve thought it, the more I realize yesterday was not full of some of my greatest decisions. About 1 of every 4 decisions I made yesterday was a good one. That’s an extremely low average. There were few bright spots yesterday. I suppose the whole week has been kind tough. This will be a better week. Probably.


Hey my mom came back home from Mexico today. Now I don’t have to take my sister to school in the morning. More sleeping time for me! Thanks to mother, there is now a huge amount of Mexican candy at my house. I’m not big on candy.

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