Welcome September – Fighting Pops

And August is over.

I’m pretty sure my pops is giving me and my sister the silent treatment. I made him angry last Saturday. He’s blaming my sister too. Only the little one is ‘spared’. Pops is a fan of getting angry really fast and then ignoring you. I guess the other options would be getting angry, then yelling or talking it out. He prefers the silent treatment.

I remember about……probably, 10 years ago, Pops and I got into an argument about, something. The point is he got really angry and went for the silent treatment. I felt complied to ignore him too. This argument started in late August and last until early November. I remember he was the one to talk to me. It was at the Sam’s Club we sometimes go to.

I was surprised because, he talked. Really, I won? That’s what I thought. Sure I was probably 10-12 at the time and had almost nothing interesting going on at the time, but I won.

Will this silent treatment thing go on until Thanksgiving? I don’t know. A few years ago, I would have said, frankly I don’t care. It’s more his loss than mine. Now I’m thinking, come on Pops. You’re 50. Is this really the way you want to spend the rest of your time?

It’s not the way deal with my anger.

It’s not the way ma deals with it either. She hardly gets angry. Last Saturday, my sisters and I messed up and gave her a great opportunity to get mad at us. She didn’t. She didn’t even pull the disappointed card at us. She was mad probably for about a second. Then we (excluding Pops, he wasn’t there) all laughed.

And we’ve moved on with our lives.


I hope I’m in a good mood when Pops finally talks to me. I’d hate to be in a bad mood. He’s say something and I’d give a short response, probably ‘I don’t know’, or ‘No’. Then I’d leave the room. That would suck.


Pluses of not talking. Not having to go to Church. Pops can’t go to church and hold a grudge. That’d be so hypocritical and I’d HAVE to call him on it. That wouldn’t help the situation, but I know I wouldn’t take the high road there. Not at first anyway. I’m pretty sure I’d ask for an apology. Or, I’d go for my favorite, ‘I accept your apology.’

Second plus, not having to go outside and work on the Camaro in the 100 degree weather. Con, the Camaro probably won’t get fixed without me. haha, who am I kidding? Pops will fix it eventually.

Is there a third plus? Less things to worry about? Not really

Way more is lost than gained. There go watching Cowboys games together. There goes pretending to understand what’s wrong with the Camaro. There goes hearing about what he does at work. There goes hearing his last-minute plans about going to Mexico for a weekend, which don’t usually happen.

There go all the times I won’t spend with my dad.

There go the stories I’ll tell his grand-kids.



Everyday I have to be reminded that it isn’t just me. We all live busy lives. We live in hectic environments. Look at how much is happening is each of our lives at one moment.This picture says it all.


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