Fall First

Today felt like fall. I bash on Texas weather all the time, but today the weather was decent.

I was supposed to spend the day catching up on my readings and homework. I couldn’t. Things come up, as they always do, and I rolled with it. I watched True Grit again. What a great movie. I took a well deserved nap after that. I then had dinner and tried to read but bailed to go play outside. I was out there until dark. That’s when I really started trying to read and get something done.

Tomorrow I’ll spend the day catching up on my tax readings and homework. I hear there’s a big quiz in that class tomorrow. Wednesday should be a regular studying/reading day, because there will only be one class where I need to catch up but that won’t be until Friday.

So, yea.

Football starts Thursday! I heard Peyton Manning might be out for a long time. This was my reaction. NOOOOO!!!! ahhhhhh (repeat for about 3 minutes)


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