I’m usually good at giving gifts. Today is my friend’s birthday, and it’s always hard for me to get her anything good. This is going to sound corny but nothing seems good enough for her. She’s a simple girl so she probably just wants something small or expensive. I can’t oblige the expensive item and small presents aren’t my thing. I need something more meaningful than a card, candy, or a balloon. So in the end, I hardly get her anything for holidays or birthdays. I’m afraid I won’t have a birthday present for her by this weekend, which is when I’ll probably see her.


I went to Target today to buy Community season 2 and yugioh cards. I got Community. They didn’t have the cards I wanted. Specifically, I wanted one of the new tins. Anyway, there are way more ladies than guys out there running errands. And since it’s Texas, almost all of them are driving trucks. It’s ridiculous.


I am not int he mood to do homework today. I know I have a bunch of stuff due soon. I have a bunch to read for my two classes tomorrow. My group is also planning on working on our AIS project tomorrow, in between my two classes. That might mean no dinner for me tomorrow. Then there’s a test on Tuesday that I am unprepared to take. Also add to that list more readings.

I miss having time to read my own books.

Fuck it I’m taking a nap.

Then I’ll go buy a pizza.

I’m hungry.



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