Missing Things

No this isn’t about me not being able to find my pants, or my wallet, or my morals.

I’ve failed to write about a few important things. The Republican debate was Wednesday night. It was definitely framed as a debate between Romney and Perry. The most memorable part for me was the Social Security = Ponzi scheme comment by Perry. Those were strong words.

Two things happened Thursday. Early in the evening Obama address Congress. It was a lot of talky, talky. I doubt Congress will do anything. There’s too much partisanship in Washington to get anything done. The Republicans won’t give Obama anything, even if everything he proposed were Republican policy items.

Also Thursday, was the start of the NFL season. The game between the Saints and Packers was exciting. I missed a bunch of it trying to prepare for class on Friday. Lame, I know. More important than that, I found out that Peyton Manning will miss a bunch of weeks. I was devastated. I love Peyton. He’s such a great guy. I hope he heals miraculously. Come on God. Do it for me.

So now here I am.

Still trying to catch up for class.

Mom insists on going to mass tomorrow. She wanted to go at noon. I told her that wasn’t happening. So she said at 9am, but she wants to leave at 8:30am. I’m not sure why I bother.

oh, last thing. Pops said I should have stayed for my MSA at SEU. He said I had things figured in Austin. I had an apartment. I had a job. I could walk to school. I should have stayed he said. It was a pretty good life. That’s something I’m missing.


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