Tennis Teeth

oh man! Did you see Djokovic play against Nadal in the US Open final? It was great! I had to run to class at the end of the 3rd set. I’m glad to see Djokovic won. The played crazy great at the US Open. Watching that level of tennis made me what to get out there and play!


I flossed today because I knew I had some cheese stuck in my teeth after lunch. So I flossed all my teeth instead of just where the cheese was. I thought, good for me, I flossed. Then I’m having dinner and drinking my Dr. Pepper. After a while, I notice my teeth hurt. Specifically, the area in between my teeth hurts…….where I flossed!

Being healthy is always a problem for me, because things that are supposed to be good for me usually aren’t. This reminds me a lot of eating fruit. I hardly ever eat fruit. When I do I get plenty of toothaches. It’s my body rejecting fruit. I tell you it is!


Quote of the Day

Me: Choke! Choke! Choke!

Sister: What are you doing?

Me: This announcer is asking if Romo is a choker. He is. Choke! Remember when he botched the snap against the Seahawks in the playoffs? It would have been the first playoff win in 10 years. And he choked. Choke!


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