Look Alikes

I’ve finally reached the point in life where most people remind me of someone else.

For example, lets take yesterday’s class. There are a few people there who can be immediately recognized as looking like someone else.

  • One guy looks like an older version of one of my cousins.
  • Another guy looks like this kid who was in most of my accounting classes, but hated accounting.
  • Another guy looks like a young Ben Affleck.
  • Another one looks like Gabe from the Office, when you look at him from the right.
  • The professor looks like my old macro and micro economics professor.

In today’s class, the professor kinds looks like Geraldo Rivera, from the investigative show. So that was fun. 🙂


In not so fun news, new poverty/wealth statistics were released today. It’s bad. The most striking figures were over wealth. Wealth is measured as everything you own minus everything you owe. Median wealth for white people was $113,000, for blacks $5,700, and for Latinos……$6,300.

Surprising? No and yes. No, because I expect whites to have a higher median wealth. Yes, because it’s a huge difference!!! A difference of more than $100,000. That’s fucked up.

Of course, I’m not helping the stats. My wealth should be around -$50,000.


Also, people in Utah picked up a burning car to save a trapped motorcyclist.

Quote of the Day

Tax Professor: Do you know how to screw your family if you really hate them? First, win the lottery, the really big multi-million dollar one. Take the annuity payment option over 20 years. Next….DIE.

(because the taxes on the winnings become due. They’ll owe millions and be bankrupt!)


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