Friday Action!

Woah! I was soo productive today, for about 2 hours. In those two hours I did quite a few things.

  • I put up my Homer puzzle. It looks great.
  • I organized all my school work. Apparently I have a bunch of things to do again.
  • I called Autozone. The Camaro still needs fixing.
  • I read all the newspapers and journals in my room. There were 3 total.
  • I made my bed, showered, and dressed. I only do these things when I have to leave the house.

It was a really productive 2 hours. That was from about 11 to 1. Productivity went downhill from there. I had lunch. Talked with mother. Watched the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Tried to take a nap. Picked up my youngest sister. Watched Community. Went to Burger King. Ate. Kicked the futbol. Played some volleyball. Watched Community again. Wrote blog.


The following stuff I found during my productive period.

Apparently, American Apparel had a ‘who wants to be a model contest’ for ‘plus-sized’ ladies. To enter, you had to send a few pictures of yourself. The Internets determined the winner through votes. The winner of the contest was Nancy Upton (that is her blog. She explains what happened well). She entered photos of herself eating food. American Apparel isn’t liking her and they don’t want her to be their model. Her blog has the actual letter from American Apparel, which states in legalize that they don’t want her.


I found this on my Yahoo! homepage! It’s an article describing the IRS program that allows people who are hiding $ in secret accounts to come forward and pay severe penalties to avoid criminal prosecution. THAT IS THE PROGRAM I WAS WORKING WITH THIS SUMMER. How did they know? I’m glad the program is finally getting some recognition.

They do important work.


My friend sent me this video through the Facebook. I was skeptical, but I gave it a look. At first, yes, I was watching him grab boobs. Surprisingly, I got over that really quickly. I found myself fixed on the girl’s facial expressions and their reactions. That lasted for a few minutes.

After, that I was unsure why I was still watching the video. Then I realized that I liked the opportunity to see 1000 real Russian women. So far, I’ve only seen the Russian women the media shows me. I’ve never been to Russia, so I don’t know how Russian women really look. This was pretty cool for that reason. And for the boobs.


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