Danny Knows

One day, a long time ago, Danny saw me do something that astounded him. On that day, back in high school, Danny and I were waiting for the bus after school. We were talking about something. Who knows what it was. Regardless, a school mate walks by and says whats up. More specifically, this was a black student and in typical ebonics he says what’s up. I forget what I said back to him but it was in ebonics.

Once that quick hello was over Danny asks what just happened. I say nothing, what do you mean. He says you totally changed and talked to him. I say, oh, well, I don’t know. He is astounded

Today I astounded myself. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I don’t think I typically make a good impression. I didn’t do something to get my confidence up before I went in to talk to these potential employers. In fact, I nicked my upper lip while I shaved minutes before I was about to leave. That delayed me a few minutes and made me feel dumb. I didn’t drive the Camaro to give me a confidence boost. I just showed up, about 30 minutes late.

Once I got in to the room, I changed. I talked to 8 of the employers. There were only 12 at the most. I made decent conversation. I brought up my internship at Balfour. I brought up my summer internship with the IRS. I didn’t lead with “I want to go to NYC”. That probably made me more likable. I got business cards. I learned plenty about different accounting firms. I made a good impression. I smiled. I was comfortable.

I surprised myself.

I don’t exude confidence. But I have plenty of self-confidence. But there is always the doubt that I’m not as confident as I think I am. I doubt all the things that make me confident; like my sense of humor, quick wit, and ability to adapt. Based on what happened today, maybe those doubts are unfounded.

I’ll know when I get a job.

PS: I probably shouldn’t have used Danny’s name. I hope he’s ok with it.


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