The past few days I’ve been a “Fun Now” kind of person. It’s mostly because I don’t want to study for my 4 up-coming final exams. I don’t think I’m going to do well on them, and if I start studying I’ll realize how unprepared I really am.

The sad, but redeeming, part is that I’m running out of time. It’s almost exam time.

I’m still a wee bit sick. I wish my stomach would get its act together.

Conversation of the Day (from a few days ago)

Me: I need more pills.

Pops: What have you taken?

Me: Excedrin.

Pops: That’s not for the flu. That for body aches like from when you’ve been shoving all day.

Me: ah ok. (to my sister) Get me a shovel.

Sister: Why, so you can dig your own grave?


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