6 Sauces

Today I tried Chick-fil-A for the third time. The first two times I visited that establishment I didn’t like the food. It wasn’t delicious. Today I was in a surprisingly good mood so I decided to give Chick-fil-A another shot. You know, because I’m a nice guy.

I walk to Chick-fil-A by SMU. I go inside and there are only a few people dining there. The first time I hear is “How may I serve you?” Say what? Serve instead of help?

So I order a spicy chicken sandwich because last time I got the original chicken sandwich and it wasn’t good. I figure if the sandwich is spicy it’ll cover up any blandness the original sandwich still has. I’m grabbing a drink when the cashier lady comes over and hands me my order. That was quick.

Next, she asks if I want any sauces. I ask, “what kind do you have?” She names off about 6 sauces and ends with Chick-fil-A sauce. “What’s Chick-fil-A sauce?” How about I bring you one of each? That’s great, I say.

I sit down at a nice table. This place had fancy furniture. There’s soft music playing and the lights are dim. Dimmer than most fast-food places. I’m halfway through my meal and a Chick-fil-A employee comes over and puts a vase with flowers on my table. She puts one on every table.

And as a final clue this place was fancy, a guy brings a girl on a date to Chick-fil-A. These two people are obviously on a date. They are cuddling in public and obviously trying to impress each other. She’s wearing a nice dress and he has on slacks. Yep. This place is fancy.

In conclusion, I will go back to this Chick-fil-A. It is fancy. The fries aren’t as disastrerous as they were the first two times, but they’re still kind of bland. The BBQ sauce was good. The Chick-fil-A sauce was different.  I won’t crave it, but it was a bit tasty. Also, Chick-fil-A has those new ketchup packages. Those are cool.

Damn, now I’m hungry again.


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  1. One day, soon, I’m going to take you to a REAL fancy place.

    I don’t care how nice this Chik-fil-A is. You do not take someone on a date there. lol. Just no.

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