Stupid Baseball

Baseball is a classic game. It is a classic game that I do not enjoy during the regular season. Why? Because there are too many regular season baseball games. How can it start in April and end in October. That is ridiculous.

Anyway, one of the biggest gripes I have with baseball is the lack of instant replay. Today there was a great example of why baseball needs instant replay. The Texas Rangers first baseman, Napoli, tagged the runner out at first. It should have been a double play, but the ref called the runner safe. The runner was obviously out. but there’s no way to challenge the ref, because they is no instant replay.

The Cardinals go on to score multiple runs in that inning and eventually outscore the Rangers. That bad call was a tremendous momentum shift for the Cardinals and very discouraging for the Rangers.

Of course, football is going the other way with instant replay. This season the league has mandated that all scoring plays be reviewed. Also, coaches can no long challenge plays inside the two minute warning, which was arguable the most critical time of the games.

Is either sport perfect? Of course not. But at least football is trying.

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