Sports Galore

Two important games were played in town today. Both had similar effects on each team.

The Cowboys are now 3-3 on the season. The Rangers are 2-2 in the World Series.

The Colts were blown OUT by the Saints 62-7. This game is a SuperBowl rematch of two years ago, but it was so lopsided because Peyton Manning wasn’t playing. In a final insult to the Colts, Payton Manning was trending on Twitter.

I suffered another humiliating defeat in my ESPN fantasy football league. I started McFadden and he got hurt early in the game and netted me 0 points. Santana Moss broke his hand after producing 1 point. Also Hines Ward was hurt in the 3rd quarter and gained me 2 points. oh Wes Welker, how I missed you. 1-6 here I come.


On a non-sporting note, Harold Ford Jr was on Meet the Press this weekend. Why the hell is he on Meet the Press? He is not important enough to be on Meet the Press with people who actually have qualifications. He’s a former Democratic Congressman. He hasn’t held office for 4 years.

Today he was on with:
Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent – Andrea Mitchell
Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric – Jack Welch
The New York Times Columnist  –  David Brooks

I understand why those people are there. Why was Harold on there?


Also, I don’t like Scrubs.


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