Random Encouragement

So the day was trucking along mostly fine.

I woke up. Had some time on my hands. I ate some cinnamon waffles. You know the ones that look like mini-toast. I had a small headache near my left temple. I went to my TA job. I was only there until 12:20 because there was a meeting for the MSAs.

The meeting was going fine. Then right before the end the director of the program asks us a question. He asks, “Who have a position with KPMG?”

KPMG was the company I had an interview with about 2-3 weeks. I went to the interview while I was sick and on drugs. I didn’t get a call back to a second interview. I didn’t get that job.

So I’m expected a few people to raise their hands.

Surprise. Surprise.

Twenty 20 people raise their hands.

Really, 20 people? Yes, 20 people. Good for them for getting the job.

But, what’s wrong with me? How could I not land one of the jobs? There were obviously 20 open positions and wasn’t good enough for one of them. I could understand not being their first choice, or one of their top 5 choices, but I wasn’t better than 20 people? That sucks. For me.

That revelation gave me a complete headache from right to left temple.

So I go home. Eventually, take a nap. Head back to night class.

I’m using the restroom before class and one of my classmates makes conversation while we’re washing our hands. He uses my first name, which was a bit surprising. He asks me how my job search is going, which is a fine generic question, but was relevant to the events of the day. I decide to give him the truth instead of the generic ”fine”. I respond “Not well”.

He says, “Don’t worry. You just have to keep trying. Don’t give up” (It was something to that effect. Those aren’t the exact words.)

The last thing he said was “Accountants are in demand.” “That’s what I hear,” I said. We both chuckled.

Quote of the Day – during Tax class

Prof:  The gender of the bulldozer is not important in this problem.


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