The Wait

As I sit in my living room watching Game 6 of the World Series, I wait.

History is in the making.

History is always in the making. This happens to be a part of local sports history, which is probably one of the most trivial aspects of history. But it distracts from life and unites people with a common cultural event.

That’s why I’m watching the game.

I want the Rangers to win, but if they don’t win I’ll be ok. I’ll be disappointed in Dallas, as a city, but I don’t really care. It wouldn’t really be hurt like I would if the Cowboys lost the SuperBowl, or if the Colts lost the SuperBowl, or every time Mexico losses a meaningful futbol game.

oh History. You are my mistress.

The Rangers just lost. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Up by 2 on two separate occasions and you blow it twice. That’s messed up.

Shake it off by tomorrow so you’re not remembered as chokers like the Mavs of a few year’s ago.

And if you do lose tomorrow, DON’T GO TO THE WORLD SERIES NEXT YEAR,

You don’t want to be remembered as the baseball equivalent of the Buffalo Bills of the 90s.


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