Early Arrival

I came across some money recently. So in the American fashion, I spent it. The craziest thing I bought has to be my pants. I have a favorite pair of pants. I wear them everyday. As such, they rip about once a year. I patch them and begin my search for a replacement pair of pants. I go to the mall and they have the pant I want just not in my size. So I look and look, hoping against hope that one day the department stores will have my size. They don’t.

This time I bought my pants online.


I also bought some other things. Most of them came today. I bought them earlier in the week, but I wasn’t expecting them.

Time hasn’t seemed to be moving fast since I returned from California. It’s felt like time is going by pretty slowly. I think today time finally caught up to me. Things are a changing. I better get on the ball and pay attention or things will surprise me.


Also, the Rangers are playing in Game 7 of the World Series tonight. I should be excited, but I’m finding that watching baseball alone, and sober, is pretty dull.


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