Pokerface Professor

I started my new classes two weeks ago. There is a professor in one of my new classes that is very hard to read.

He’s not confusing. He’s not boring. He has a calm demeanor and that’s fine.

But every once in a while he sneaks in some comments that throw me off, because the comments are in the middle of serious conversations.

These are some of his comments, in order of occurrence over a 3 hour period.

  • the EBITDA fairy doesn’t bring it every Sunday.
  • You circus clowns.
  • I heard people talking about revolvers and it made me giddy.
  • Boats (Student question was: What kind of assets does a flight simulator company need?)
  • I don’t know, but the same as if it was snowing down there.
  • It was like the fertile fields of Illinois in terms of financial statement manipulation.
  • It’s a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) thing about tax rates.
  • There was only 800 hours of public deliberation…who cares?
  • This is the time is really crowded.
  • Don’t tell the marketing department.
  • We’re all experts at the cash statement now. I know that.
  • It’s ok if we make stuff up.
  • Gadzooks.
  • I’m really not creative. I’m an accounting professor.

It’s up to me to figure out what this guy is thinking.


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