Birthday Brush

Today is my sister’s birthday. Mother/Father threw her a party.

She didn’t ask for a party. The only thing she asked for were new scrubs. The parentals don’t care. They were going to throw a party. In effect, the party wasn’t for my sister. It was for my parents. It was probably so they could show off my sister. They are proud of her.

Does this only happen in my family? Does it only happen in Hispanic families? Does anyone have parents who don’t throw them a party when you specifically ask not to have one?


That’s where my day went. The morning was occupied with party errands. The party was in the afternoon. Volleyball was played all afternoon until the Cowboys game. The game was basically over at half-time. The car wouldn’t turn on so I went outside to fix it. Then I showered and now it’s time to study. There went the day.

Now the last thing I have to do for the day is brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth is probably the chore I hate the most. I find no joy in brushing my teeth. I loathe it. I know it’s important, blah, blah, blah, but I don’t like doing it.

Quote of the Day – cousin after breaking the pinata

10 year old cousin: Look it’s like feeding pigeons!
(throws Snickers bar near kids who are picking up candy)
((kids scramble to pick up the Snickers))



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