Photo Escape

Many of you have not been in my room. Let me describe it to you. It has four walls, a window, and more than 20 escape hatches.

Everyday I feel more stressed and more disillusioned. The more disillusioned I become the more delusional  I become. I find myself wanting to take one the escape hatches.

JUMP! You can make it!

Trade in this life for the gray-scaled photograph of the Eiffel Tower. OH garcon, come ‘ear. You ‘are now Jacque, the waiter. Un peu du cafe s’il vous plait.

Non? How about South Korea? I’m sure you could teach the cultural effects of television on the United States. Reality TV, game shows, the death of the day-time drama. All of these topics are ripe for the picking!

Let’s go back to the start of the modern world! Damn them! How dare they reject my application for a conscientious objector permit. This draft is unconstitutional. I refuse to go fight in Europe. My life is too important to waste overseas. Life is meaningless. What good is it to be alive when tomorrow you will die going over the top. There is no honor in this. There is no justice in this. God is not with us here. How can God be anywhere? How can God be?

I can’t make it. I’m stuck here, and it gives me a headache. It gives me a headache everyday. I thought it was stress from school. I think it’s because I’m trapped. I go to SMU and there’s something deeply disturbing about that.

If only I could take one of those escapes.


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  1. :O lol Oh my goodness.

    And you say I’m crazy.

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