Do Things

Why do I do the things I do?

A few days ago I did the gayest thing I have ever done. I was in between classes. I had an hour and a half for lunch so I went to the Chick fil-a. There was a guy at the Chick fil-a that I stared about for about 40 minutes. Why the staring? I thought this guy was an old elementary school friend. He looked like him, just 12 years older.

So I stared for a while. Was it him? I don’t know. It could have been, but after 12 years I wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

How did I get here?

Screw it. I need a time machine. I need an out.


On a positive note. TV. I love TV.

Today, I FINALLY saw a new episode of New Girl. There hadn’t been a new episode since September. New Girl is great! I really like it. I like the characters, the setting, the new girl, and the writing.

It is better than Modern Family. Modern Family is good, but I’ve caught on and it’s too predictable now. It’s good, but I need something more…fun, like New Girl, or Community.

I look forward to more New Girl and Community.  🙂

Yeah, that’s right. A Happy Face. TV makes me happy. Gay Happy.


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