Your Help

I need your help.

Most people in my classes now have jobs or job offers.

I don’t.

I wasn’t necessarily built for the job recruitment process.

I don’t make quick personal connections. I can make lasting personal connections, but not the fast ones that expedite the hiring process.

I have enough confidence to make a good impression, but it’s a forgettable impression. I’m not boastful enough leave you with a WOW impression. I’m modest and slightly humorous even though I’m usually awkward around new people.

Also, I don’t like to ‘conform’. I know most other people have to make those good quick connections and the fact they’re doing it, makes me not want to do it (I know it’s stupid).

So, help. Do you want you do best Internet. Get someone out there to care enough to help me. Give me a shot, some how.

Check out my LinkedIn page.




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