People Power

I have a good day today. The focus of the day was people. I had a lot of interaction with people today, way more than I’m used to. Some of that interaction was forced, but a lot of it wasn’t. I hate to say this, but those interactions brighten up my day. They gave the day a different dimension.

I’ve said this many times. I’m uneasy about SMU, and it’s probably because of the people at SMU. Most of the people I interact with are from a higher class and non-minorities. It’s really hard to relate to them on a basic level because on a deep subconscious level I’m facing some negative stereotypes. From this unequal footing, you add my introvert personality and that makes for less than stellar interactions, if any at all.

The last few days, I’ve gotten to know some of my classmates individually instead of as part of the big group. Individually, they’re easier to relate to. One guy I talked to shares my musical interests. That’s something that destroys any, ok most, preconceived negative stereotypes.

SMU isn’t so bad. I dare say it is good.

But, it’s a continuous battle. I wish I could say stereotypes don’t affect my interactions with people, but that is not the case. I doubt that will ever be the case. The most I can do is recognize the stereotypes and try to not let them negatively affect my interactions with people.

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