Tax Blasting

Today we had the third tax examination. I bombed the first and second tax tests so I told myself I would be better prepared for this one. I was. It went way better than the first two tests, combined. It wasn’t too bad. I was prepared but as the test dragged on I began to panic and doubts betrayed me towards the end. I’ll be sure to tell you how I scored.

Thank God for Tuesday, which is of course In N Out day. Every Tuesday after tax class I go to In N Out. It’s a reward for making it through tax class. Tonight’s meal was especially deserved. It was exquisite. On the way home I tried to avoid the traffic on the freeway that was caused by an accident so I took the streets for about a mile and a half. There are 6 lights in that stretch of road and somehow they were all red. I try to make it home before 10pm and the lights really screwed me. I spent 6 minutes on those 6 lights. I was home at 10:02.

There’s still a lot of work to be done this week and I will get to it tomorrow.

Good night.

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