Wednesday Thoughts

Wednesday isn’t my favorite day of the week. It’s probably my least favorite day of the week. Not that Wednesday is bad, but I really like the other days of the week. Now that I think about it….I like them for TV reasons. Monday has the classic How I Met Your Mother, the raunchy Two Broke Girls, and the quirky Mike and Molly. Tuesday has the awesome New Girl. Wednesday only has The Middle and Modern Family. Thursday has the best of all, Community, the delightful Parks and Rec, and another classic The Office.

Anyway, Wednesday, the day I try to not avoid putting pants on the entire day, is not my favorite. I’m extra lazy on Wednesdays. So, at 3 o’clock I still had no plans for putting on pants. At 3:15 mother told me to pick up my youngest sister from school at 4:30.

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have to put on pants to pick her up. You only have to go from the house to the Camaro twice. It’s doable.

Correct! but WRONG! I’ve done this before and my sister grilled me for not having pants, or shoes. So I needed to put on pants.

BAMMM it hit me! I know what to do! I’m going to go to the store and buy a volleyball (We have a volleyball net in the backyard and our volleyball was killed by the aloe vera plant)! I only have an hour. Can I make it to Target in time? So, I jump up and run to put on pants. Then I get the hell out of the house and I’m off to the races, figuratively.

I’m at the Target. I spend 5 minutes talking to myself deciding on the right volleyball. Then I decide I need a new emergency shirt. I spend 10 minutes looking at the same rack of shirts and wondering if it’ll shrink once I wash it. I make it to my sister’s school with 5 minutes to spare.

And that is the story of how I convinced myself to put on pants on a Wednesday.


My youngest sister had a great comment a few Saturday’s ago. We were watching Saturday morning cartoons and the Arbor Day Foundation commercial airs.

Commercial: “Help…blah, blah, blah. So that our children can have a place to live.”

Sister: You hear that Lui? They want us to live in the forest.


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