Don’t Do IT!!

I’m sitting in class today and I get the sudden urge to touch the hair of the blond girl that is sitting in front of me.

I know. DON’T DO IT.

That isn’t socially acceptable. But in my defense, I was really curious. Why was it yellow on top and brownish towards the scalp? I thought all of blond people’s hair were blond. I didn’t understand why it looked brown from some angles. Was does it look brown from some angles?

Anyway, I didn’t touch her hair. I’m not crazy.

But! NBC is crazy. Why would they bench Community and keep Whitney? That doesn’t make any kind of sense. Why does NBC keep fucking around with its television schedule? Know what pisses me off more than bad shows? Inconsistency!

Besides every comedy isn’t going to please everyone. How about you keep 4 or 5 really good comedies and only fuck around with the remaining 2 or 3?

Its ok to want to change the schedule to improve ratings if it’s justified. But come on NBC! Have the courage of your convictions! Stop creating and canceling comedies with such frequency! I’m not fancy pants tv executive, but it must cost an awful lot to create a 4 or 5 new series every year. I know it’s not beneficial to keep pissing off the fan base.

I’m in the target demographic. I’m still pissed of about the cancelation of Outsourced, the only minority packed cast that was on television. I don’t like where The Office is going. I don’t like Up All Night, at all. I hate 30 Rock. If you cancel Community, I will stop watching Thursday nights. CBS’s would do well to pick up Community for it’s on Thursday night.

I know what’s happening. It must be Kris Jenner telling NBC to cancel Community as revenge on Joel McHale for reminding everywhere Kim Kardashian is a whore, at least a money whore. I don’t know about an actual whore.


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