New Love

Like the stupid main character in a romantic comedy, I have finally realized that I’m crushing. Crushing hard.

Who’s the girl? Well, it’s a guy. Kidding. The girl is a new girl. It’s Jess from New Girl. I’ve seen her enough to fall for her. But I’m also crushing on New Girl.

In the latest episode, Jess likes Justin Long (playing a guy who works with her). I don’t like the characters Justin Long plays. I’m sure he’s a decent guy in real life, etc. but he plays semi-douche characters. In this episode of New Girl, he was just as dorky as Jess. That was likable. The only difference being, Jess is hott and Justin has a penis.

As a show, New Girl is in the perfect spot right now. I’ve emotionally connected with the characters. I understand their current situations. Everything is almost perfect.

If only it could stay this way for ever. But it can’t.

Today I also realized that another one of my favorite shows is dead. I hadn’t noticed it was dead because I didn’t watch new episodes when they aired. I would catch up on the show every fall when the previous season was released on DVD. The show lasted long enough to go into syndication (That’s where the real money is made). oh, My Name is Earl.

A show ending isn’t a bad thing. What is bad is shows ending without a final episode. What happened to Earl’s list? Is Hank still King of the Hill? Did Oprah gain weight again?

I don’t really know what I’ll do if NBC cancels Community. I’ll probably never forgive them, either way Community probably say this coming. One pop culture reference was NBC’s cancellation of The Cape. All Abed, the lovable character that was crushed by the cancellation of The Cape, wanted was “six seasons and a movie.” That’s the least I can hope for too.

Man, this post became pretty depressing towards the end, and in the middle.

Jess is so cute.


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