Modulate THIS!

Thursday – I tried to install an fm modulator in the Camaro, but it turned out to be specifically for an XM satellite radio. The hardest part was getting access to the back of the radio. There were a bunch of panels and things to remove to gain access to the radio. After the first modulator didn’t work, I tried the old modulator.

I have two old modulators. The first doesn’t work because I accidentally broke the fuse case while I replaced the fuse. I didn’t know why the second one broke, so I opened it up and found out the motherboard was fried. Solution? replace the fuse case on the first modulator with the fuse case from the second modulator. I split the wires. Taped them together. Installed the modulator and BAM! it worked.

It felt really good to actually do something. I had the satisfaction of finishing a project. It was nice. A few moments later, I get a an email informing that a local CPA firm I applied to does not want to interview me. It was disappointing but it also caused me to panic. I thought, what if I can’t find an accounting job? What will I do? I know! I’ll install fm modulators in cars? No, I’ll finally have to move to NYC and drive a cab. Being unemployed will give me plenty of time to invent things……

Friday – Absolutely nothing was done Friday. The most exciting thing I did was going to class. Yes, on Friday night.

Saturday – Amanda’s 15! I have 3 tweets to share that sum up the evening.

#15problems no dancing didn’t make my headache go away.
#15problems I need to pee but I can’t cross through the magic dancing circle.
#15problems no I don’t want to dance in a circle with an underage girl.
I suppose it was a good day after all things are considered. It wasn’t for me, so I don’t care. It was for the family. I do need the practice for the other 15 in December.

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