Happy Thanksgiving

My mind is going off the charts right now.

I finished watching a double-header of movies with the family and when I change the TV back from HDMI input mode the TV goes to PBS which was showing a show explaining string theory. So even though I’m really sleep, I’m stuck for another good 20 minutes thinking about strings, membranes, and gravitons.

It’s hard to come down from thinking about things at such a high macro level and focus on our smaller part in the world.

But as I lay down and write this, I realize that I spent most of Thanksgiving day doing just that. Most of the day I went from thinking about myself to things that are bigger than me.

In the morning, when I drove around looking for lunch, I thought about how I needed to find some anti-Thanksgiving food for lunch so I could appreciate the Thanksgiving food later. Unfortunately, almost all of the fast food places were closed and I accepted they should be closed so people can be with their families for Thanksgiving.

While I watched the Cowboys game, I focused on every play. I was angry at all the mistakes they made, but I kept the entirety of the game in mind. The Cowboys were the better team, although they weren’t acting like it at times, and they would win.

Finally, I watched A Knight’s Tale and Super 8. One is a movie about knights and the other is a movie about an alien. I really only saw half of the former, but I did see all of the latter. This time around the ending to Super 8 did not seem all the corny and disappointing. This was definitely one of those times where knowledge of the ending made the entire movie more enjoyable.

That was my Thanksgiving. A few notable exemptions from my summation are probably not historically significant. They are watching Attack the Block again, wearing a sweater vest, dueling, and eating a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving you rascals.


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