Fast Burger


Today I only had to drive about 8 minutes to get to a Carl’s Jr.

Two years ago I drove over 1400 miles to get to a proper Carl’s Jr.

Sure I didn’t have to drive that far to get to a stand alone Carl’s Jr., because they had begun popping up in Texas. One opened in Austin in 2009 and I went to that one frequently.

oh, how times change.

When I thought about living in NYC I was astounded because when I got there I would be thinking, “I wish I was in Dallas so I could get some In N Out.” Isn’t that messed up?

I miss that taco place in Mission Viejo. oh, Taco Tuesday, which was replaced by In N Out day (also a Tuesday)

I also miss the franchised taco place. Baja Fresh I believe it was called.


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