Dancing in Boxers

is what I saw a lot of tonight.

My pops came into my room and said he knew where to watch the boxing match online. I checked out his website but it was misspelled so it was trying to sell me books. I found the correct spelling and the correct site.

So we went spent the night watching boxing.

Now this post isn’t about boxing. It’s about how I stopped studying for my test Monday to spend some time with pops. It was a moment we have never had together because we’ve never had pay per view.

Pops is a good guy. I’d go as far as to say righteous. Sure he gets mad quickly and yells, etc. but he doesn’t lie, or cheat, or steal. He has good moral fiber.

So he wanted to watch some pay per view boxing. Is there anything wrong with that? Can’t he for the first time in his life watch it?

Just in case there is something wrong with that, I take full responsibility for it. I found the website. I used my computer to access the internet. The internet is under my name, sort of (It’s under a Luiz Hernandez). I connected the computer to the TV. I did it all. I could just as easily NOT have found the website.

Is that so wrong? Maybe.

In my defense, a story.

I have seen 30 Minutes or Less 3 times in theaters. I wanted to watch it again, so I went to 3 different Redbox locations. At the third Redbox location the guy in front of me took the last copy. So I went home, and after 10 minutes, found it online. I started watching it. I got about 30 minutes into the movie when I checked my Redbox App and found out that it was available at one of the Redboxes I had previously been to. I rush over to get it and continue watching where I stopped.

Was that so wrong? I had already given them (5 tickets at 10 dollars a pop) almost $50. Do I not deserve to watch it as many times as I please? With $50 I could have both the Blu-ray DVD and the regular DVD! I should be able to watch it for free after I give them that much money.


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