Consumption – Final Phase – the Meaning of Christmas

The school semester was over last Saturday. I have had the whole week off.

I spent Monday through Thursday on a consumption binge. I watched all the episodes of Community, while I watched movies from the Redbox. I ate a bunch of fast food and junk food. That is what I did all week in preparation for the final phase of the year.

I break the year down into a few parts. The first part of the year consists of waiting for Spring Break. The second part of the year is waiting for Summer Break. The next part is the long summer. Then comes school and waiting for Thanksgiving Break.

After Thanksgiving, I enter the final phase of the year, the preparation phase.

My family goes to Mexico around every Christmas time. We drive there, so it’s about a 20 hour drive. The drive there and back is always on my mind after Thanksgiving. As such, I have to mentally prepare for it, or I’ll snap.

That’s what I did these last four days. I relaxed and prepared for the upcoming trip.

I don’t have a necessarily strange Christmas experience. We have a tree and exchange presents and all the jazz. But Christmas probably doesn’t mean to me what it probably does to normal people.

Christmas time is about survival, sacrifice, and suffering.

Survival means not going crazy on the long trip to Mexico. It means not losing my mind, while I’m in Mexico, because I’m not connected to the modern world. It means surviving the horrible border crossing and getting back home.

Sacrifice means having to endure everything I have to survive through.

Suffering means having to sacrifice.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Mexico. But I hate the way I have to get there because it dominates my mind and ruins my time there.

In a strange way, getting to Mexico is the most Mexican thing I do, because as we all know, being Mexican means to suffer. Suffering is Mexican. Ser Mexicano es sufrir. TM.

(I call all of those sentences. They will forever be my quotes.)

-Merry Christmas


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