Damn Cowboys

The few times I’ve been out of town I have been asked if I’m a Dallas Cowboy’s fan.

The obvious answer is yes. I’m a guy. I’m from Dallas. Yes, I like the team. But I always follow it up with, I also like the Rams and the Colts.

As much as I like the Rams and the Colts, I know I like the Cowboys more. And the only reason I know that is because of games like today’s. The Cowboys have probably had more Do-or-Die games than the Rams or the Colts, and they have probably embarrassed themselves the most in those games. Cowboy losses hurt more than other losses.

A loss, like today’s, hurts way more than any other loss. It hurts because the Cowboys won’t stop losing. They lose so many close games. They’re talented but constantly disappointing. I know tomorrow there will be a world of excuses out there and almost no one will take any responsibility.

Everyone made mistakes this season. Ryan can’t coordinate the defense. Garrett can’t use time outs correctly. Romo continues to make bad decisions and lose important games. Defense lets Cruz have a field day and gets hurdled twice in a single game. Offense, penalties, always with the penalties.

Damn it, I want to see a sign that some one is taking this serious. I demand to see some heads roll. Fire some body! Cut players! No more guaranteed bonuses. Earn every penny. No more training in California. Have training outside in the Texas heat. Become a team God damn it. You’re supposed to be professionals.

I’m tired of these Cowboys teams that always find a way to lose games. I demand action. Start firing and cutting.

This team better grow up or get out.


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One response to “Damn Cowboys

  1. Jimmy Johnson

    Damn straight! These cowboys are beat by a mediocre team because they are so poorly mismanaged. The Giants will lose in the playoffs and I predict the first round. The Giants don’t have the talent that the cowboys do yet they find ways to win. Fire Ryan and Garret IMHO!

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