The Not Big Events

I forgot to write that last week some people came around and kinda sorta fixed my streets. They filled potholes. With this and that really long sidewalk that is being built on Buckner, I’m really glad some people are being put to work fixing up my neck of town. oh, and last Saturday a chunk of I45 was closed to, probably, fix some potholes. Go infrastructure spending!

School has started. I don’t like to admit this, because I hate the spring, but spring isn’t so bad. I usually do better during the spring semester, than the fall semester, because there is no football to distract me on Sundays, Mondays, and sometimes Thursdays and Saturdays. It’s almost Super Bowl time! This Sunday is just as good as Super Bowl Sunday. I can’t wait!

It was cold today. I wasn’t mentally prepared for it. I thought we were going to have one more day of California weather, like we did Monday, but I was wrong and disappointed.

I have two classes tomorrow and then comes the weekend. 🙂

I can’t end this post with a smiley face.

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