Putting the Brakes on

I didn’t have class today.  As with every day ‘off’ I have, I start the day with high hopes.  I’m going to do some reading for my classes.  I’ll get started on the homework.  I’ll be productive.  In total, I do about half of the things I have planned.  Today was no exception.

I bought the book needed to do my homework.  I didn’t start on the homework.

I read.  It wasn’t for class.

What kept the day from being more of a waste?  I changed the brake rotors.  When I take the car out tomorrow, I should be able to brake better.  Unless I did it wrong.  In which case I will be in a minor to severe crash.

It was a good day though.  I ate 5 chocolate chip cookies after dinner.  That was delicious.

Tomorrow I will do some homework.  Probably.


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