Sans Sandwich Skills

Subway has always intrigued me.

First, it markets itself as a healthy fast-food option. That’s all fine and good if you use it that way, but a lot of people go in there and get a healthy sandwich covered in fatty dressings, condiments, and extra meats. I can’t really blame Subway for that. People pay extra for the delicious fatty stuff. Subway gets money. People get delicious food without any guilt. Everybody wins.

I’ve only gone to Subway to get the meatball sub. I can’t make meatballs at the house, so that’s something I need to buy else where. I think I had a chicken sub at Subway once. Point is, I always thought I couldn’t go there to get a cold cut type sandwich because, well because, I can make that kind of sandwich at the house. I have ham, cheese, bread, and mustard. Why would I go out to get that kind of sandwich?

Well today, I thought I’d be healthy and have a sandwich for lunch. I had bread, ham, cheese, and mustard, but I wanted some lettuce and tomatoes. So I drove over to the Subway and ordered a ham sandwich. oh, so the lady is talking to me in Spanish and I tell her I want tomatoes and lettuce. I tell her that’s all, and she looks at me and asks if I want jalapenos. I say, no. She keeps looking at me. Probably, 3 seconds pass, and I say, yes, I do want some. I had to get some because I’m Mexican, right?

Also, I got a foot long for 5 dollars. I ate half of it and wanted to stop, but I was still hungry. So I ate the other half. That kind of killed my, I want to be healthy thought of the day.


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