The Politics of Tuesday

I haven’t written about politics in the longest time.

Let’s see. Today was State of the Union (SOTU) day. It was a very long speech. I’m usually a fan of shorter speeches, but whatever, I didn’t write it. The president (am I supposed to capitalize this?) touched on a whole range of issues. I get it, there’s a lot to talk about in a union address. The country is pretty big. The points on education caught me by surprise. Education is important. It can be a long term solution to unemployment, energy, and basically anything that involves thinking. It is tough to talk about education. I agree almost completely with this writer’s opinion.

The Republican response by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was very interesting. I was halfway listening to the SOTU and the response, but I did pay enough attention to notice the different focus of each speech. The president gave an overview of a lot of topics. He covered a lot of points but mostly tried to stay on jobs. He mentioned jobs more than he mentioned the debt. Mitch Daniels focused more on the debt. He wanted to talk about jobs, but he was more concerned with the debt.

That has been typical. Democrats are more worried about the unemployment rate than the debt. Republicans are more worried about the debt. It makes sense. Each party is playing to their constituency. Unemployment is a big issue with the Democratic constituency. The Republican constituency is more affluent and they are more likely not worrying about unemployment. Effects from having a high national debt affect the rich more than they do the poor.

Speaking of the Republicans….how about the primary. I swore it was over after New Hampshire, but Newt surprised me. How can I man preach family values and be on his third marriage? It’s not like his first two wives dropped dead. He cheated on them! Then the moderators at the two debates give him some softball questions. Newt attacks the media, and the moderators don’t point out his hypocrisy.

Now, Romney has a big problem. He’s not the front-runner anymore. So, usually that means he has to attack the front-runner. The problem is no one likes Romney when he’s attacking. They hardly like him to begin with, but they especially don’t like him when he’s attacking. The only upside is that Romney has a lot of money (Way more than you. How much more?), both in his campaign and Super-PAC related.

Also, Rick Santorum is still in the race. I’m guessing he’s only staying in case Newt implodes and forces the anti-Romney vote to condense around him. But, hey, it could happen. Newt is crazy. Maybe he’ll cheat on his current wife. You never know.

Ron Paul is in the race, but come on, the Republican base doesn’t take him seriously. He won’t ever get more than, and this is high estimate, 40% of the Republican base.

I guess that all for national politics.

Hey, I filled out that form to register to vote, back in October, and I haven’t got my voter registration card. What the hell? Also, I demand the City of Dallas fix my streets. I shall not rest until they fix my streets. I shall not rest until they fix my streets. I shall not rest until


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