Pause for School

I can barely remember the last time I wrote.

Let’s see, what has happened.

I had two things on my mind since last Wednesday. There was a test the upcoming Monday and a business plan due today. I worried about the test all weekend. I studied on a Friday! I also studied on Saturday until about 3pm. I was going to start my paper but I took a three hour nap. Then Saturday night just slipped away.

Sunday I did some planning for the business plan but didn’t start writing. I had a group meeting Sunday afternoon. That lasted pretty long. Then I was going to start on the paper but I had a huge headache!

Monday I had another group project thing. That ended quickly and I studied a bit for the test. Then I took the test and was anxious for the results. After the test I did start writing my paper. I also wrote it Tuesday morning/afternoon. Then there was night class and more paper writing after that.

I had class today in the morning, and I finished the paper right before my night class.

Now I can have a good night’s sleep and get to alllll the other work tomorrow and possibly Friday.

oh, also! I have been sick since last Thursday. Not full blown sick, but stuffed nose, slight sneezing/coughing, and random headaches/fever. I’m all better now. Almost.

Also, I did pass that Monday test, with a 91. ohhh yea.


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