The Red Shoes

I wanted some red shoes today.

Like many of you know, I love most of the clothes I wear. The problem is I don’t have many clothes. Specifically I have a favorite pair of pants that I wear ALL the time, literally.

I am the same way with shoes. I only have 3 pair of shoes. I have a jogging pair, converse, and dress shoes. Lately, in the previous 2 years, I have bought a fourth pair. The fourth is another pair of converse that I only use to go to classy places, like Olive Garden.

Today I decided to buy red shoes, red converse.

Why? I don’t know.

I think I need a change in perspective. I need a kick in the pants. I need something positive to get this stack of changes going on a positive note. Red converse are my solution? I suppose they are.

I was out by the mall for lunch. So, I jumped the street and went to the mall.

The mall is a place I don’t enjoy. I don’t generally like to buy things. I’m happier with the money, most times. I’ll spend on food, but not so much on mall things. I go to the mall about 4 times a year and only 2 of those times out of necessity. I walked around for a long while and realized converse are expensive (I buy them probably once every two years).

I settled on a store that looked new. I don’t remember seeing it before at the mall. But what the hell do I know. I hardly go to the mall. I choose that store because it had a sign on the window display saying “Converse $42.50”. They were retailing for 50 at the other shoes places.

My immediate reaction was, hell yes I’ll take the extra 8 dollars. Second reaction, yes this place was directly marketing to me. I’m not attracted to skater/punk style of everything else, but I do, for some crazy reason, need these red converse.

They didn’t have them in my size. The guy ordered them from another store, so I’m picking them up tomorrow.

Will the shoes help?

Maybe, but isn’t it worth a try? I’m feeling stuck in a relatively lonely place at the moment. Why wouldn’t I try to change that? Wouldn’t that be crazy?

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