Some Rain Title

oh the rain. How it changed the day by making me less graceful than usual.

I’m prone to falling when surfaces are slippery. I have fallen a few times on our porch. I fell in the shower not too long ago. I flipped on a wet tennis court. Water does not help my mobility. Just ask how well I swim.

I don’t.

ahh major things due by on Wednesday. Three things are on my mind. First, group project tomorrow. Second, class on Monday is going to be brutal. Third, major documents due Wednesday along with a 2 minute public speech thing.

I’m also have an inkling that something is going to happen with the car. It’s been too long since anything happened to it.

Laundry. I’m running out of the, essential, clean clothes. I might get started on that early in the morning. I don’t think I can wait and try to do it on Monday.

(I thought I could place the following sentences somewhere and have it make sense, but I can’t. I don’t do two typical laundry things. I don’t separate my colors from my whites or use fabric softener. I’m keeping them because they are important to how I do my laundry, but they aren’t essential to today’s post.)

I like to take my clothes out to dry, so today wasn’t a good day to do laundry anyway.

It never rains. It pours.


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