Move on HIMYM

I’m done with you How I Met Your Mother.

I was thrilled to finally find out how the mother is at the end of the season. I was watching the episodes this season very carefully because I knew they were the last episodes. Then today, I read online that an eighth season of HIMYM has been confirmed.

And, no. That’s unacceptable.

The story should come to a close this season. This season is poised to wrap up the series very nicely. All of the characters, Ted withstanding, are in great places. With the revelation of another entire season of teases, I realize that I’m tired of HIMYM.

Ted went from cute, to ballzy, to sad, to cool, and is now stuck on annoying. I get it show. Ted and Robin is not going to happen. Thank you for taking 7 years to tell me that. I can now officially give up hope of that. With tonight’s episode, Ted can finally met the mother by the end of season 7. It would be great!

Robin. What can I say about Robin? She’s cool. She a working gal. She likes guns. She’s from Canada. She can’t have kids. She doesn’t want kids. Ok. I get it. Done with her.

Marshall and Lily. They’re married. They moved out of Manhattan. They’re done. I don’t need stories about married life. I feel like if I got married and had kids, then I’d want to hang out with Marshall and Lily and I’d settle for watching them on the television. But as of right now, no. I don’t need Marshall and Lily stories.

and the best reason for the show to stop at season 7….Barney. HIMYM has already said that Barney is getting married at the end of the season.

Let me repeat. Barney is getting married.

Barney is…..a character. His character is kinda like lovable troublemaker. It works for him. I get that Barney could want to get married, and etc. But then he’s not exciting anymore. He’s not Barney anymore. Don’t sully our image of Barney by having us watch him be, un-Barneyed by a relationship. Just, no.

I hope the season 8 is an elaborate ruse. I hope it is meant to downplay the significance of the season 7 finale. I hope season 7 properly ends what’s been a great story.

It’s been a great experience.


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  1. Amanda

    Goodness, I couldn’t agree more. >:/

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