The 3 Year Old Book

I finally got around to reading 8 pages in my book.

I started this book about two and a half years ago, in the summer. I read the first chapter. Then every once in a while I would read a few pages. Unfortunately, summer ended and, as a history major, I had to read other books. Also, as an accounting major, I had to read some accounting books.

I think I read another chapter during the winter break. After the spring was done, I was only finished with chapter 3. That’s about 120 pages.

The summer started again and I left to California. I took two smaller books with me. I finished those and bought 2 or 3 other books. I read those.

When I returned home, I opened the book and realized I had forgotten where I was before I left. I eventually found my page but did not remember the context. At this point, only being 120 pages, I decided it was best to start from the beginning.

I re-started the book during winter break. I am now only on page 90. Sadly, the book isn’t incredibly long. It is only 330 pages. I am more than a 1/4 of the way through with it. The print is fairly big. The subject matter is quite interesting, but I can’t seem to prioritize finishing this book.

I really want to finish this book. I don’t like the idea of not having enough determination to finish this small of a book. It’s not like this book is big and boring, like the Bible. It’s like a history/political science boy’s Playboy.

Maybe I don’t like foreign policy and political science as much as I thought?

Anyway, I now realize the title to this blog post is only slightly misleading. I am halfway into the second year of attempting to finish reading this book. But, if you count like people do for birthdays, then attempting to finish reading the book will be two this summer.

I’m going to stop there, or I’ll get into writing about how 20 year olds, currently, should be legaly allowed to drink.

P.S. the title of the book is The Writing on the Wall: Why We Must Embrace China as a Partner or Face It as an Enemy.


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