Sitting on Opportunity

Leap Day!

There I said it. Now to the last few days!

I had finals this week. And like most graduate classes, the final makes up about half of your grade, the other half being the mid-term grade. My mid-term grades were decent enough that As were possible in all 3 of my classes.

But now I have taken those tests and those opportunities have passed.

The last final is on Friday up at UTD. That one is important but not as tough.

What’s more important is the meet-and-greet at RK tomorrow evening. That is an incredible opportunity to network and continue the job search. They might even, if you allow me to be optimistic. like me enough to hire me.

We’ll see how things happen.


As I’ve said repeatedly, I love Community. This article/interview is a great explanation of why. Although, nothing beats watching it.


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