Today’s Not Friday

I thought yesterday was Thursday. I thought today was Friday. It wasn’t, and it’s not.

I was thinking I’d have the whole day tomorrow to myself, but I forgot about the ethics final. I’ll have to drive up to UTD to take the test. It’s at 5:30, so that means I’ll have to fight traffic to get there. I might just leave around 3:30 so I don’t have to rush. It’s a little ridiculous to drive an hour to take a 15 minute exam.

Anyway, that’s not so important.

You’re supposed to ask me how the meet and great at RK went. It went pretty well. RK is a great company. I’d love to work there.

Anyway, something else happened at RK!

There was this lady there who looked like somebody that I used to know. Yes, like the title of the song. No, not like the meaning of the song. Just the title.

Anyway, they could have been twins, identical twins.

She had those piercing eyes.

That look stays with you in a wonderful disturbing way.

Tomorrow, I’ll decide what to do with my week and how to proceed forward. Bon chance. Bon chance.


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