Spring Break 3

I woke up sickish. I took pills last night so I was extra drowsy from that. I showered and had some breakfast and took more pills.

Then I watched some TV and the Internet crapped out on me. I spent a few minutes fixing it. Then I had to run to talk to the people whose taxes I’m doing.

With the knowledge that I could finish with relative ease, I got lunch and started watching a movie. It was The Blob. The original one from the 1950s. Then I was going to start the taxes but I started watching Cronos instead. I took more pills and that made me drowsy so I took a nap.

Then I woke up and had to re-“watch” Cronos.

I picked up my sister and went to Little Caesars. I ate again and then! started the taxes.

Soon it was 7pm and I began watching the CONCACAF Champions League. So little progress was made on the taxes.

Now! I finished. I re-started them at 9:30pm and finished 20ish minutes ago.

Also, I took more pills and now I’m sleepy.

Tomorrow I’ll do something fun. For reals.


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