Spring Break four

A nurse woke me up by banging on the door. I was determined not to get up but the knocking became so annoying that I got up. After she left I had breakfast with my grandpa.

Then I showered and went to deliver the income tax returns I was doing. After that it was lunch time, so I went to In N Out. I read while I ate. Then I went to the bookstore to buy a textbook for classes. I then went to buy some ice cream because I thought it would be good for my cold/cough. It wasn’t.

I came home and saw Manchester United be defeated! It was horrible.

Then I started watching a few episodes of The League that were on Hulu. They were hilarious. I started making dinner. I ate and watched. Dinner gave me a stomach ache.

I did some organizing in my room. I watched the new Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, and the Office. I followed that up with the season 2 finale of Breaking Bad and the season 3 opener. The show has gotten pretty slow but at least the acting is good.

While I was doing that show watching, I messed with my Yugioh cards. I edited some decks and did some play testing.

Now here I am in bed.


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