Yawn Test Yawn

I was really sleepy today.

That was weird because I slept a good 7 hours. That’s usually enough for me. Apparently, it was not enough today because after lunch I was extremely drowsy. I was at my keyboard at work and dozing off.

Why was I so sleepy?

I think it might have been because I was stressed last night, so I didn’t getgood sleep.

I must have been more worried than I thought. The test wasn’t too hard. I could have prepared more but it should suffice. The major reason for the stress was that the material covered is 25% of the Audit test of the CPA exam.

The CPA exam is what really worries me.

I don’t have a job lined up after graduation. I’m not fully in control of getting a job. That requires some give from another source.

But passing the CPA exam is something I can fully control.

If I don’t pass the CPA exam, then I am a real loser.

That’s probably why I was subconsciously worried about today’s test.

Man, I have to stop being so depressing.

I was supposed to have written a song for Community by now, you know, because it’s an awesome show. Unfortunately, my lack of musical rhythm has not led to anything fruitful.

So let’s just pretend I wrote this.


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