UCLA song

Dang, that’s not really a good title but I don’t want to change my first instinct.

I went to a concert Saturday. It was pretty good, but it keeps getting better the more removed from it that I am. Looking back, it was way awesome. The songs sounded way better live than they do on my itunes.

Specifically, the UCLA song.

Now that was a real song. Fun Fact: It’s not called UCLA.

Man, I don’t really want to study for this test tomorrow. : /

oh! I can’t believe I went to the mass on Easter Sunday. That was weird. Especially because it made me really sleepy and I started seeing black blobs on stage. Ok, not stage. Whatever it’s called. That’s where they were. I had to shake myself awake and to stay awake.

All I was thinking about in mass was UCLA. BUOOM, BUOOM.


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